Harpers Bazaar Arabia 2020 winter edition
A visit to the artist's Dubai home reveals her rich roots through colourful artworks which depict scenes from her childhood.
Artist and art consultant Lan Stanley’s studio is set within a gorgeous villa in Dubai’s The Meadows neighbourhood, amid serene lakes and parks; a tranquil environment away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city.

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Article in EveningZ Magazine

Lan Stanley is offering a glimpse of her roots and her country's colorful beauty
through her masterpieces.

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PLAZA and DIVA Magazine articles 2013
VELVET Magazine article 2012
VELVET magazine featuring Lan Stanley as one of the inspirational women of the Middle East putting their passion in to practice

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Press Release for solo exhibition painting 20 Feb - 7 March 2013
Spring SunLight is a first solo show in Dubai by internationally renowned artist Lan Stanley

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Art Dubai 2013
Satellite Voices
Lans work shown on the Satellite Voices a creative community and cultural guide website

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2010 Portraits of Vietnam. Panorama magazine
Panorama Magazine writes about Lan's exhibition at the Red Gallery.
Vietnam known for its compelling history and wartime past, is also famous for its colourful terrains and beautiful landscapes.

It's a place where, even in modern age, one gets to see radiant rice fields with peasant women wearing conical hats whlist tending to their fields and children riding buffalos along country paths.

Offering glimpses of this beautiful country are the artworks of Vietnamese artist Lan Stanley

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Lan's work displayed at art collectors home

As featured in Traditional Home
magazine a painting by Lan Stanley is displayed at one art collector's home.

Asian Art News 2006
Lans work featured in Asian Art News magazine 2006

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2006 Hemispheres United Airlines in-flight magazine

Through colorful paintings and etchings, Vietnamese-born artist Lan Stanley evokes the cultural beauty of her native land transporting viewers to the countysides of Vietnam.

Lan chooses subjects that reflect everyday Vietnamese life, such as young women wearing the long, traditional ao dai or Buddhidt worshipers at a village festival. In all her works , Lan says she tries to convey emotions common to people regardless nationality.

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2004 HK magazine shows Lan's work
HK magazine shows Lan's work at Galerie Des Arts Et De La Culture

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1999 Hemispheres United Airlines in-flight magazine. By Margaret Moore.
A pensive young woman dressed in the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai sits quietly, her gaze turned slightly away from the viewer. Three people bundled up against the cold walk down a rainy Hanoi street at midnight. In a country village, worshipers hurry to a pagoda carrying trays of fruit and incense to offer along with their prayers for good fortune.

In Memories of Vietnam, a series of oil paintings on canvas, Vietnamese artist Lan Stanley presents a highly personal vision of her homeland. The stylized figures are people she has met or seen - shy young waitress in a Hanoi restaurant, three homeless people she encountered one winters night - but with an economy of detail and graceful play of proportions.

Lan Stanley creates images that transcend cultures and boundaries.
"I painted most of these works after leaving Vietnam in June of 1996", explains Lan Stanley, who now lives in Dubai. "I wasn't homesick exactly, but these memories were and still are very powerful for me. They are part of me and have helped to make me who I am".

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Lan Stanley was born and grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam. She began painting when she was 12 and won a scholarship to the Fine Arts University of Hanoi, where she specialized in graphic arts. Lan painted full-time after graduating. She moved to the United States in 1996 and lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and in New York City. Lan lived in London for 6 years then Hong Kong for nearly 5 years and now she is working and living in Dubai.

Lan paints in acrylics and oils and also prints etchings. Her subjects are often scenes from her homeland and its people and customs: a young woman wearing the flowing ao dai ("long dress"); Buddhist worshipers at a village festival; a rainy landscape in black, gray and white.

In all her work, she seeks to evoke emotions common to people regardless of nationality.

Lan's art work has featured on the cover and inside pages of United Airlines' in-flight magazine "Hemispheres", in 1999 and 2006, and in Vietnam Airlines' in-flight magazine "Heritage", in 1997. Her work has also appeared in "Asian Art News" and several other publications, including the U.S. edition of "Traditional Home", Hong Kong's "HK" and "Where HK", and "Vietnam Investment Review".

Lan's work has sold at auctions, including a 2003 auction in London organized by the Indochina Media Memorial Foundation, and has been purchased by collectors and private buyers in Asia, Europe and North America.